Why Simple?

5C445F0B-96EA-4A34-9019-5C75AD1D5AFA (1)I feel I must clarify what I mean when I say “simple”. I am NOT a hippie reincarnated; I am a person who decided that life was becoming too fast paced, too technology driven, that I desperately needed to find a way to slow down – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

In 2011, I up and quit a rather well-paying but immensely stressful job. Even though I didn’t have another job lined up, I knew deep down that if I continued at the pace I was going the stress, lack of sleep, and general toxicity of the environment would eventually result in my emotional and physical demise. What followed was a year long awakening within the confines of self-reflection and humility. I learned so much about myself and how I chose to interact with the world around me. Living off of my savings forced me to be frugal and practical. Extra time allowed me to experiment with cooking methods and a back-to-basics existence. Curiosity drove me to educate myself on what was in the food I ate and make-up I wore. Community partnerships became my main source of mental and spiritual connection; volunteering being my chosen outlet. What came out of a year of personal struggle was a tremendous sense of appreciation and awareness for how each of us really does have the choice and ability to create a simple life. Sadly, modern society has paved a meandering, bumpy road in order to do so, but by making one simple choice at a time, the overall outlook is mighty welcoming.

Recreating simplicity is about recreating a simple life within a never-ending circus of technological “upgrades” and “quick and easy” scapegoats. It’s about unlearning learned behaviour. The goal of this website is to provide readers an intimate, honest, and sometimes humourous look at my journey into simple living. Through personal musings, recipes, book suggestions, and daily life choices, I hope to generate a chorus of “hmmm’s” from those exercising their freedom of choice.  Going simple is not always easy – it involves commitment and foresight. But if my journey to simple has anything to teach, it’s that each time I make the simple choice a priority, I take one step closer to being a better daughter, friend, colleague…and human.

Simple choices lead to impactful ones.

What will be your choice today?

Erica 🙂