Simple Links

World Database of Happiness – While not for the statistics faint of heart, this database provides interesting insight into the origins of perceived happiness from around the world.

Tiny Buddha – I came upon this website by accident and have since become an addict. It’s filled with wonderful stories and impactful quotes – helps turn a crappy day into a sunny one.

29 Gifts – I love this idea of giving away 29 things in 29 days. It really helps one to refocus on what is most important in life.

Living cruelty-free in Canada – Hands down my favourite blog for all things cruelty-free. It has been a tremendous resource for the sometimes too hard to find products here in Canada.

Ethical Elephant – One of my go to sources for cruelty-free and vegan products. – A great site for learning the fine art of food preservation. Filled with recipes, tips and tricks. Simply awesome!

TV Turnoff Challenge – While a bit outdated, this site provides a foundation for weekly “turn off the TV” challenges that were originally conducted within the school system. Definitely a concept I’m willing to try!

Longplayer – A musical art project originating from London, England. The music is meant to last 1000 years, without repeating a single bar or beat. Take a listen online!

Slow Food – A worldwide movement back to “slow” eating. Hugely beneficial for the person, the community, the environment, and the planet. For the Canadians out there, also check out: Slow Food Canada

Society for the Deceleration of Time – Yes, this does exist! It started with a group of people who were tired of how fast-paced life was becoming, so they formed their own society. There’s even an annual conference with the motto: “The beginning is when the time is right.” Which really means: “Many of the workshops start late”. 🙂

Sloth Club Japan – A club that caters entirely to the “slow movement”. Pretty awesome!