Book Mates

A couple of summers ago I had my first ever session with a spiritual counselor. Yes, while arguably a fancy label for a psychic, she did provide me with some information that has given me cause to think. Of particular curiosity is that I am only destined to have five close friends.  At the time … More Book Mates


Before I go any further I’ll let you take a minute to Google what funkdafied means… Yes, I’m really messed up. I’m in “da funk of all funks” – and I don’t mean the cool mixture of jazz, rhythm and blues. I’m referring to the kind of funk reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s friend Pig Pen; … More Funkdafied

Perception vs. Reality

This month marks my thirty-eighth year as a card carrying member of planet Earth. As my birthday draws near I am naturally going through a period of personal reflection. A time in which I take stock, reevaluate, and move forward with new appreciations and (hopefully) mounting wisdom. Every year since my thirty-sixth birthday, as I … More Perception vs. Reality

The Power of Choice

The ability to make personal choices is one freedom we tend to take for granted. It is also one we sometimes forget we even have. We make thousands of choices in a day – what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to wear, whether to kill the spider under the sink or secretly hope it … More The Power of Choice