Happy New Year?

Yes, the question mark at the end of the title is on purpose. With 2016 being a bit of sink hole in the time/space continuum I, like many, am curious as to what 2017 has in store. A quick Google search for ‘2017’ will likely litter your screen with droppings of positivity and hope for a “turn around” year. However, the underlying worldview is still holding onto prangs of doubt when it comes to what the next twelve months actually has in store – especially given the current political climate of some countries (yes, you know to which I am specifically referring.)

With regards to my own personal resolutions I, again like many others, haphazardly made false promises to myself that I’ll do better, eat better, and all around be better THIS year. Well, if I’ve learned anything throughout 2016, it’s that you can neither predict nor control the future. So, rather than making unrealistic hopes for myself I’ve chosen to adopt the philosophy of: Nope, I’m not going to do any of that.  Rather, I’m going to be ME in the best way I know how – faults, eccentricities and all.

That being said, there were several self-fulfilling lessons I learned in 2016, namely that I am a true book nerd; that embracing the love I have for my dog is nothing to be ashamed of; that, rather surprisingly, I really like Brussels sprouts; and that I require clearly laid out plans for making significant changes in my life. No matter how it shakes out, 2017 will be a big year for me as in six short months I will be crossing the threshold into my forties. For this reason alone, I have decided that this year will be all about me – and I mean that in every selfish way possible. Just before Christmas I devised a list of the top twelve things that I have always strived to accomplish and either failed miserably or let slip from my fingers. For each month of 2017 I will be focusing on one of those twelve – with the hope of letting go of bad habits and relearning long forgotten crafts. Instead of fighting against the current of my ‘true’ self I am instead going to go with the flow and do better with the skills, interests, and passions that have brewed inside me since birth – things that I have always naturally gravitated towards. To loosely quote a handful of self-help guides (honesty, pick up one at random, they all say the same thing): ‘The universe will always provide you with what you are truly meant to have’. This concept has presented itself to me time and time again, so rather than continuing to ignore such messages I’m going to embrace each with my whole being. I’m throwing out this notion of the “new year, new you” nonsense and instead adopting a “new year, be you” ideology.

While I appreciate my monthly challenges may not mirror your own life interests I certainly invite you to join in this journey with me and seek to create your own. The one STRICT guideline I am adhering to is that each challenge will have NO MORE THAN FIVE basic principles – or rules, if you will. They will be clearly laid out but at the same time broad enough to be adaptable to anyone who chooses to follow them. Feel free to print each off and post them on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror or in your cubicle at work – any place you may require gentle reminders throughout the day to put yourself FIRST.

Stay tuned for the posting of January’s challenge in the next day or so. Hint: It involves taking a closer look at what you really NEED each day.

Happy 2017 everyone – here’s to a year all about celebrating the true YOU!

Erica 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year?

  1. Thank you Erica, you have said everything I believe in. This is how it should be! I have read 3 great books in 5 days. Starting off retirement with ME and what I want to do!

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