I AM…Happy :)

I often get asked what ultimately motivated my gravitation towards a simpler existence. While I can give a host of reasons (Facebook being near the top of the list) and refer to numerous books and documentaries, there were two specific movies that truly inspired me to rethink how I approach my day to day life.

If you haven’t seen the movie I AM and Happy, please do check them out. They are definitely worth watching in your journey to embracing a more simple way of living – whether it be socially, mentally, or physically.

Happy Viewing!

Erica 🙂


One thought on “I AM…Happy :)

  1. My family watched the dvd “I Am”. I found it pretty scary at times. The segment of everything and everyone being connected was very interesting and I’ll never eat yogurt in the same way again! Next up we’re watching “Happy”.

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