Book #45: 50 Book Challenge

Aww, Bill Bryson. Leave it to his dry wit and collection of random facts to put a permanent smile on any reader’s face. If you are a fan of his book, Notes from a Small Island, then you will definitely go ape over his second installment which continues his travels from across the pond.

In The Road to Little Dribbling, Bryson revisits many of the locations he called upon during his first walking tour of the UK. This book is outrageously funny and filled to the brim with UK facts. Anyone who is obsessed with all things British (like me) will absolutely appreciate the stories in this book.  It was extremely interesting to “hear” how towns had changed (for the better and worse) over the last twenty years (that is, since Bryson’s first book). I will say that having read many of Bill Bryson’s arm chair travel books I did notice that his tone has changed slightly in this most recent installment. I found it took more of a “grumpy tolerance” rather than an “interested curiosity” approach. Either way, this one is still a great read and will no doubt leave you subconsciously packing your suitcase for making your own notes from a small island.

Next up on the books shelf: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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