Life, Dora Style: Tummy Troubles

Nothing jolts me awake quicker then, one, the feeling of free falling while gently slipping into dreamland, or two, the lip smacking sounds my dog makes before she inevitably regurgitates her last meal.

Dora sleeping soundly during one of her many daily naps

Dora has two very distinct lip smacking sounds. No doubt most dog owners will know exactly what I’m talking about. The first will cause me to look at her with all the warm and fuzzies I can muster as she gently falls into a deep and restful slumber. The second will send me into a fire alarm type response in order to prepare for pending doom.  The latter smack being the tell tale sign that only one thing is about to happen – vomit, doggie style.  Very little wakens me faster during the bewitching hours (and this almost always happens between three and five AM) then that very specific sound emanating from her little doggie lips.  I will literally bolt up in bed and desperately search the room for an ideal place for Dora to provide tangible evidence that she did indeed eat recently.  A food choice which is clearly not okay with its current place of residence.  If I’m lucky (and I say that with a strong IF), I have enough time to put her in a football hold and literally run her to the end zone, that is, outside. I’m all for nature taking its course IN nature. If I do manage to get her outside in time, more often than not, she’ll toss her cookies on the lawn where shortly after we can both go back to bed. Sometimes, however, I’m not so fortunate. Thank goodness I keep a garbage can in my room – and industrial strength carpet cleaner on standby.

I don’t want to give the impression that Dora throws up all the time, because she really doesn’t. Yes, when she does it’s quite the production, but it commonly is with most humans as well. What’s different is that when Dora has to throw up – she throws up – she literally puts her whole body into it. Same with any child. Both know that when nature calls, no matter the direction the call is coming from, you MUST answer. Adults try to take the cool, very discrete route and desperately try to avoid throwing up when the need arises. No, it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world but neither is trying to convince your body that it doesn’t need to. Like it or not, nature is the reigning champion when it comes to biological processes.

I know there is a lesson to be learned within Dora’s lightening speed response to expelling her tummy ache. What I have come up with is pretty simple:


No fan fare, no excuses, just let it go. Whether it is the urge to purge or a lingering grudge – just let it go.

And if you’re lucky, they’ll be someone to rub your back and tell you everything will be okay once all the unpleasantness has passed.

Erica 🙂

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