Book #19: 50 Book Challenge

KoontzI discovered author Dean Koontz when I was a teenager. Initially surprised by the fact that I enjoyed his science fiction/horror type mix of storytelling, I quickly began to read as many of his books as I could get my pretty little hands on. While some were better than others, what I came to realize is that his style of writing is what ultimately draws me in.  Koontz’s clever and edgy way of conveying an out of this world tale is what continues to encourage me to seek out his writings.

Since it had been years since I read a Dean Koontz novel, I thought it was time to rekindle our literary relationship. Browsing the library shelves one day I came across Breathless and, after reading the book jacket, thought it would be the best choice for re-embarking on the narrative roller coaster that is Mr. Koontz.

Breathless was a multi-character, constantly meandering story.  I don’t mean to make that sound like a negative, as the short chapters and numerous main characters brought great substance to the overall plot. Koontz has a way of grabbing hold of the reader and taking you on a first class journey into the mind of each character –from innocent former military officer to corporate big wig turned murderous women hater, Koontz covers each level of the human psychosis. This book drew me in within a couple of chapters and I didn’t put it down until it was done.

My only negative about this book was that it had a lack luster ending. Throughout page after page of character profiles and thickening plot, I came to expect some great revelation or unexpected surprise at the end. Neither occurred. I honestly felt let down when I reached the final page. I was very much left with a “that was it?” feeling. I felt the story could have continued for tens of pages more in order to bring more resolve to each characters life. While still a good dramatic read do prepare for an abrupt less than climatic ending.

Next up on the book shelf: Invisible by James Patterson & David Ellis

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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