Animal Messages

Every now and then I’ll have a dream that makes me go “hmm”. Last night was one of those dreams. (I should preface this article by saying that yes, I am one of THOSE people who reads into dreams and meanings…so buckle up for lots of analogies and probably too much over analysis…you’ve been warned 😛 )

Having done a great deal of work with animals, I have come to trust their interpretation of the world. I am not shy in saying that if all of a sudden both domestic and wild animals start acting a certain way or start moving in a certain direction – I will NOT hesitate to follow. Animals have a fierce connection to their natural instincts and the rhythms of the universe, both of which I have had the mind-boggling privilege of witnessing time and time again. While humans are animals as well, I believe we have long lost the ability to read universal energy – a sixth sense if you will – and that re-tapping into that energy is what, essentially, may save us from a future of self-destruction – whether it be on a global scale or within our individual lives.

In future articles I will happily share my stories of “real-life” animals that have helped me find my way in this chaotic, punch clock world. But for this moment, and the purposes of interpreting my dream, it is important to understand that I trust, value, and respect the concept of animals as spirit guides. That being said, allow me to tell you about my dream.

Wolf in WaterI remember it vividly. I was half swimming, half wading through a stream. There were dense woods all around me and broken, half submerged logs floating in my path. I looked to both the right and left and could see wolves hiding in the shadows, some on land, some in the water. Many were white in colour, with the exception of one who was all black. As I rounded a bend there I came upon hundreds of seals, all dark in colour and all trying to make their way out of the water onto a floating platform. There was a massive abundance of seals – they literally looked like one giant moving blob.  Each animal stayed in their chosen spot, neither made a move towards the other, in fact, the only one who was moving was me. I finally came upon the edge of the stream where a giant concrete slab was located. Walking out of the water I felt like I was on a subway platform. There were people everywhere, many of whom were focusing entirely on the electronic devices in their hands. I looked beyond the chaos and saw the wolves in the background, still silently sitting in the water. The seals were there too and remained huddled together as one giant ball of seal awesomeness. It all seemed so serene even though I was standing in the middle of chaos. I was a fixated observer of the calm I had just waded out of.  It was then that I woke up.

My animal spirit guide "bible" of sorts...
My animal spirit guide “bible” of sorts…

I immediately grabbed the animal spirit guide book that I keep within arm’s reach of my bed. I knew the wolves and seals were sent to tell me something and I was very eager to find out the message. I looked up the wolf first, since it was the first to appear in my dream. My book explained that if a wolf shows up it could mean:  1. characteristics and behaviours that no longer serve my spiritual purpose are being culled from my consciousness; 2. valuable insights and new teachings are coming my way; and 3. I’m being spiritually protected at all times. I then looked up the seal, and this is what their appearance meant: 1. my dreams will be very clear and vivid and I should pay close attention for any messages from my subconscious; 2. the cycle of challenges and hardship is complete and I’m moving into a time of plenty and abundance; and 3. this is a time to stay tuned to my natural rhythms, such as sleeping when I’m tired and only eating when I’m hungry. In addition to my animal guides, I also knew that the water represented a significant part of my dream. According to my dream dictionary, the calm water of my dream indicates that I am living a path of calmness in my waking life. Moving towards the shore, however, indicates that I will need to work hard to achieve my ultimate life goals.

Now before you assume I’ve gone bat crap crazy, hear me out. Everything this dream symbolized is exactly how my life is functioning right now, almost to a tee.  As you know from reading my previous posts, I have altered my life significantly in the past two years in order to reconnect with the concept of simple living. In doing so what I have uncovered is the most precious gift of all – myself. I have not only reconnected with my passions and made clear distinctions between my likes and dislikes, but I have also tapped into the powerful energy that is (as Martha Beck calls it) my “inner compass”.  This dream has essentially become a permission slip of sorts stating that yes, I am on the right life path and that my subconscious is blissfully happy about it. I will, however, need to continue to work hard in order to achieve my hearts desires, but ultimately I have taken the steps I needed to already in order to move towards those goals. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful for the validation and reassurance given to me as a result of this dream. It is truly a mind-blowing and liberating feeling!Seal

I highly recommend paying close attention to those animals that are showing up regularly in both your awake and dream states. They are there for a reason. The question is – what are they trying to tell YOU?

Erica 🙂

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